We Are Different, So What . . .

      Natural environment, globalization, democracy, autocracy, economics, political economy are the topics touched upon in this book by Lev Shakhmundes. It has served the author in his further work as reality checks for separating pragmatism from utopia, idealism and wishful thinking.
      www.abetterorganization.net, A Better Organization for Our Country, and www.abetterorganization.org are the other websites reporting on Lev Shakhmundes’ work.


Front cover

We Are Different, So What

By Lev Shakhmundes

ISBN: 0-9684418-0-7

November 1999, 100 pp


However much we humans developed in the course of evolution, it is illuminating to explore how different we are between ourselves as individuals. The consequences of this fact of Nature permeate all facets of every human society. The book takes a philosophical stance in exploring the implications in democratic and autocratic systems, for the global economy and natural environment, and for the possible future paths of humans on the planet Earth. Specific properties of large dynamic systems play a role in some of the implications.

Several parts of the book are published here. The Table of Contents and Foreword are reproduced in their entirety. The text of the first three chapters of Case Studies in the book is identical to that released on this web site on January 27, 1999.

You can gather more information about the book by viewing other pages of this web site.

A PDF reproduction of the book is available at https://abetterorganization.org.

This book gave an impetus to the work on A Better Organization, www.abetterorganization.net, which grew out of the chapter Is There a Better Organization?

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