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November 28, 2006 -- Title A Better Organization: Facing Threats to Our Country has been released.

Today, countries face various threats to their stability and possibly existence. Dangers of the rapid deterioration of our natural environment are especially challenging. Regretfully, national governments are unable to handle the threats effectively. Therefore there is a dire need for an examination of all aspects of governance. This book is a blueprint for improvements. It is comprised of specific propositions that grow out of a review of a number of threats.

Concludes Lev Shakhmundes, the author: "Is our proposal a utopia? Yes, it is, because even if somebody had presented all-encompassing, perfectly constructed and logically flawless a proposal, it would not have much chance of being implemented. The root cause is that Homo Sapiens has not yet reached the level of intelligence to be governed by reason. And no, it is not a utopia, because should only some of our propositions be enacted, this would make a difference."

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