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Lev Shakhmundes was born in St. Petersburg, formerly Leningrad, the Soviet Union. He obtained a university degree in applied mathematics from the Leningrad State University and a Ph.D. in the automatic control theory from a research institute affiliated with the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.

He worked for 17 years in Leningrad in engineering, scientific research and management positions, specializing in dynamics and economics.

Upon emigration to Canada, he worked for three years as a research assistant at the University of Toronto.   Then he was employed for 20 years as a team leader in information systems development at Union Gas in Southwestern Ontario. From time to time, he conducted special problem resolution projects in various business areas of the company.

A number of his publications (all listed on page CV), were printed in the issues of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., some of which were translated into English in the U.S.A. Such are as follows.

Вычислительная Техника в Управлении, сборник статей, издательство Наука, Академия Наук СССР, Москва, 1966. (Computer Technology in Process Control, a collection of articles, publisher: Science, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, 1966.)

Автоматика и Телемеханика, том 29 (1968-12); том 32 (1971-4), стр. 183-184; том 33 (1972-6). English translation in Automation and Remote Control, vol 29 (1968), no 12, pp 1995-2000; vol 33 (1972), no 6, pp 1029-1033. Springer Science and Business Media, www.springeronline.com.

Техническая Диагностика, издательство Наука, Академия Наук СССР, Москва, 1972, стр. 130-133. (Technical Diagnostics, publisher: Science, Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, 1972, pp 130-133.)

Экономика и Математические Методы, том IX (1973), выпуск 2, стр. 317-327; том IX (1973), выпуск 3. English translation in Economics and Mathematical Methods, vol IX (1973-2), pp 317-327; vol IX (1973-3). University of Cambridge, Marshall Library of Economics, Basement Holdings (1966-1977), www.econ.cam.ac.uk.

The publications of note in his second life were a paper at the 1989 annual conference of the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group, El Paso, TX, U.S.A., and two books, namely, We Are Different (1999) and A Better Organization (2006, second print in 2008).

Independent pointers to some of his publications and their citations can be found at Google Scholar. Searches there on 'Lev Shakhmundes' and 'Shakhmundes' have yielded the following.

... I am very grateful also to Dr. L. Shakhmundes (Canada) and to my daughter Mrs. OG Men'shikova (Russia, S. Petersburg) for their efforts and helpful comments that facilitated in the improvement of this manuscript. REFERENCES 1. Babuska, M. Prager, and E. Vitasek. ...

[PDF] Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations in real time simulation VG Pankrat'yev - CASE FILE COPY, 1973 - ntrs.nasa.gov
... Suppose that the linearized system has s the characteristic roots X.(i= 1, 2,..., k*). If k= k* o y>-J- and X.= A., then as shown by Shakhmundes [4] the solutions of the linearized system of differential equations and the finite difference system coincide at the points t= nh. ...

[CITATION] Failure diagnostics in mathematical simulators of automatic control systems …, VB SMOLOV, LIU SHAKHMUNDES - Automation and Remote …, 1972 - csa.com
Failure diagnostics in mathematical simulators of automatic control systems. IB GILIUTIN, VB SMOLOV, LIU SHAKHMUNDES Automation and Remote Control 33:66, 1029-1033, 11/1972. (Previously cited in issue 21, p. 3038, Accession no. A72-40712) 10 Electronics(AH).

To the Methodology of Cluster Analysis in Determining Transient Flow Loading Patterns L Shakhmundes, M Whalen - PSIG Annual Meeting, 1989 - onepetro.org
In determining loading patterns for use in a transient gas flow model, a cluster analysis computer application has been used at Union Gas for a good number of years. The application was put in place following a presentation at the 1975 Annual Meeting of PSlG ( ...

Practical Considerations When Creating And Interpreting Demand Profiles M Debevc - PSIG Annual Meeting, 2011 - onepetro.org
... Gas Company. Union also completed a follow-up paper called “To the Methodology of Cluster Analysis in Determining Transient Flow Loading Patterns” given in 1989 by Lev Shakhmundes and Michael Whalen. Cluster Analysis ...

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