Progress Updates

November 28, 2006.   A Better Organization: Facing Threats to Our Country has been published, see PRESS RELEASE.

January 2, 2006.   It has turned out that our electronic edition is not suitable for listing on Amazon.com. Although the e-book is still showing there, it will be removed shortly. Instead, A Better Organization itself, with a future release date, became listed on Amazon.com in mid-December 2005.

October 31, 2005.   An electronic forerunner summary edition (e-book) of A Better Organization has been published as a PDF document on www.ABetterOrganization.net. You will find more information on that website.

January 7, 2005.   The work is going on, doggedly and stubbornly.

August 20, 2004.   The work on A Better Organization is going on unabated.

September 18, 2003.   The work is going on at a steady pace.

December 31, 2002.   Everyone around here has succumbed to the realization that it takes what it takes to produce A Better Organization.  Any one can do little about this but the author, who is grinding away at and sweating over the book's manuscript full time.  Therefore, we see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We will continue to keep you posted.  Happy New Year!

October 25, 2002.   By author. The target dates are passing by, my friends are starting to doubt me. If on occasion my own self-doubts appear, they do not last for longer than two minutes, so they do not impede the progress. The work is going steadily. In fact, it is a full time occupation of mine, so the delays are not for lack of efforts. The main obstacle is that with each advancement in the writing, the number of questions to address grows. It is like that I am putting more in my mouth than I can chew. Here are my resolutions of today. To shift to having the book more as an abstract than it has been intended so far. To keep formulating projects for the post-publication time rather than trying to deal with all of the emerging questions. I hope these measures will prove helpful towards the book coming out soon. I will let you know in about two months whether the resolutions are making a difference.

2001-09-14.   By a publisher's decision, the writer of A Better Organization has been reprimanded and sent into exile.  For the duration of it, he will have no access to a cell phone, the Internet discussion forums, and those niceties of life which are deemed to be hampering his work.  The reason for these measures is the breach of the June 2001 target date for the completion of the book.  At this time, the completion is expected by the end of 2001.  We apologize for any inconvenience that might have been caused by this action.  On the positive note, we would like to inform you that the work has been progressing steadily and surely since its commencement in July 2000.  When A Better Organization comes out, you may find its ideas quite interesting and even shattering some of the presently-undoubted onventions in economics, political science, and the government's controls over and guidance of private business enterprises.  You have probably already had a glimpse of the ideas in We are Different, So What.

2001-04-07.   The work on A Better Organization is going on.

2001-01-09.   We have posted on our Forum a sizeable work by Gregory J. Dulmes, which consists of his expansive comments on We Are Different.

2000-11-15.   This site has been restructured, the page Links & References added.

2000-09-11.   The book We Are Different, So What is available in the following libraries in St. Petersburg, Russia: The Library of Academy of Sciences, The National Public Library, and the central Gorki library, the library of the Faculty of Philosophy and the library of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of the St. Petersburg State University.

2000-07-17.   A Better Organization: Facing Challenges to Mankind and Civility, ISBN 0-9684418-1-5.  A decision has been made to commence the work on this new book.  The completion is tentatively planned for June, 2001.  Watch this website for further coverage.

2000-05-01.   The book can now be ordered from the publisher, Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, and Chapters.ca.  You will find the links and further details on To order the book page.

1999-12-21.   Arrangements with Amazon.com to sell the book finalized and first shipment on their order made.

1999-12-10.   The book listed on Amazon.com.

1999-12-10.   The book accepted for a listing on Chapters.ca.

1999-12-09.   The book listed on BarnesAndNoble.com.

1999-11-26.   First print of the book produced.

1999-11-19.   A major pre-publication update of this web site.

1999-11-09.   Text of the book finalized.

1999-01-27.   First three chapters of Case Studies released on this web site.

1998-10-27.   Web site WeAreDif.net established.

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